/kroʊ / (say kroh)

1. either of two large, lustrous black Australian birds of the genus Corvus, having a characteristic harsh staccato call and shorter neck feathers than the raven:
a. the Torresian crow, C. orru, found in Indonesia, New Guinea, northern Australia and parts of the inland.
b. the endemic little crow, C. bennetti, of arid and semi-arid regions.
2. kokako.
3. certain other birds of the genus Corvus as the carrion crow, C. corone, of Eurasia, and the American crow, C. brachyrhynchos.
4. any black plumaged corvine bird, as the Australian raven, Corvus coronides, the chough, Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax, and the Cornish crow, P. graculus.
5. crowbar.
6. NZ someone who pitches sheaves to the person building a haystack.
7. Colloquial an unattractive woman.
8. as the crow flies, in a straight line. {Phrase Origin: originally British English, from the observation that the crow usually has a very direct flight}
9. draw the crow, Colloquial to end up with the least attractive task, option, etc.
10. eat crow, Colloquial to be forced to do or say something very unpleasant or humiliating. {Phrase Origin: originally with the idea that a crow makes an ill-tasting meal; ? popularised by a US story about a hick farmer in New York who boasted thay he could eat anything; after eating crow he declared that he `could eat crow but I'm dammed if I hanker after it'}
11. stone (or starve){{}} (or stiffen) the crows, Colloquial (an exclamation of astonishment, exasperation, or disgust.)
{Middle English; Old English crawe. See crow2 (verb)
/kroʊ / (say kroh)

verb (i) (crowed or, in certain contexts, crew, crowing)
1. to utter the characteristic cry of a cock.
2. to utter an inarticulate cry of pleasure, as an infant does.
3. to exult loudly; boast: *And he was the expert, she crowed triumphantly. –rodney hall, 1987.
4. the characteristic cry of the cock.
5. an inarticulate cry of pleasure.
{Middle English crowe(n), Old English crāwen; imitative}
crowing, noun
Usage: The word crow derives from the Old English strong verb cráwan which in other West Germanic languages is weak. In def. 1 the forms of the strong verb, that is, past tense crew and past participle crowed, apply. With the other verb definitions (defs 2 and 3), the weak forms crowed for the past tense and crowed for the past participle apply. Because of the currency of the weak form crowed it is sometimes used for def. 1 also.
/kroʊ / (say kroh)

noun Colloquial
a female prostitute.
{short for chromo2}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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